I have several other pieces which are now out of commission.


The Nibelungen was a fully operational sci-fi spaceship simulator which I lead the development of and launched in 2006. The spaceship included interactive control panels sending signals to a computer which was running a specially modified space-flight simulation. The work included significant costuming, hardware creation, AV, videoconferencing, and computer networking challenges. It was also used to host LARP games for which I was the lead organiser - unique experiences creating a shared sci-fi narrative in an interactive environment. The work has been re-assembled in other forms now but I still have one control panel and two interactive laser guns from the project.

Steampunk Chandelier - currently on lease

Unfortunately (fortunately?) this piece was snapped up for a long-term lease before even being finished. It was hung for test purposes only then loaded for delivery.

The work is a salvaged steel circle from a demolished Starbucks cafe, modified to eventually hold more than 20 compact fluorescent bulbs. Below the piece is a black and white mandala which slowly rotates to create subtly changing dappled light. It is suspended by a heavy-duty chain-lift and best used in a dark, spacious environment like a forest.

On display at an event hosted by AUM Productions

On display at an event hosted by AUM Productions