University: Auckland University of Technology: Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences), Postgraduate Certificate in Arts (Applied Language Studies), Master of Creative Writing with first-class honours.

  • Master’s thesis: engaging ways to tell optimistic stories about inspiring people and active citizenship.

  • Postgraduate certificate: social movements, policy analysis, creative writing

  • Social Science areas of study (BA): Social systems, identity, economics, research. Good grades in writing, social theory, criminology and conflict resolution

Work experience

  • Current: Walking tour operator, independent event organiser

    • Since returning from my travels in December I have guided walking tours of central Auckland. These cover my knowledge of history, social life, Māori culture, New Zealand identity, and are paid for by koha. Tripadvisor reviews.

    • Major event success coordinating 60+ volunteers for the Vegan Food Fair as well as recurring events like the popular dance jam 'No Lights No Lycra'.

  • 2014-2015: Artist on tour with my piece, Yashoda 

    • Co-created with Reza Fuard

    • Arranged full placement schedule for the work over a four month period

    • Personally installed and operated the sculpture across 8 unique situations

      • Safely rigging heavy and high-tech moving artwork in trees or purpose-built structures

      • Adapting to solar power systems, engineering challenges, audience scenarios

    • Estimated combined audience of 100,000 people throughout the North Island between November and March

  • 2012-2015: Issues Assistant + Digital editor, Green Party

    • Intensive practice of work in organising, managing and producing positive campaigns.

    • Set up & operated campaigning call center: developed systems, managed staffing, processed/analysed data, ran trainings and recruitment.

    • Lead work on Auckland transport and CRL campaigning. Complex information presentation, outreach to targeted/untargeted groups, policy submission guides/ standard templates, public events, and drafting the warmly-received school transport policy.

    • MP & staff assistance: event management (eg Picnic for the Planet), data management and analysis, practical skills (eg building a parade float, solar panel market stall, media tech support), social media publishing, web editing, design/ copy editing, writing, campaign planning.

  • 2009-2012: Part-time and full-time work alongside full-time postgraduate study:

    • Auckland area coordinator for 2009 global day of action

      • Coordinated three flagship events (mass bike ride, mountain climb, festival) and four simultaneous supporting events

      • Lead organisation of 350 Festival in Tahaki Reserve, Mt. Eden

      • Each flagship event reported more than 350 people in attendance

    • Team member in organisation of 2009 Auckland Harbour Bridge crossing (planning, radio spokesperson, web promotion) – three to five thousand people attended the demonstration for better cycling infrastructure

    • Project instigator/ event management: Art Week by Cycle. These events are still running.

    • climate justice festivals 2010 and 2011: event partner, MC, planner. At least 350 people in attendance for each.

    • Editor for regular column Worldchanging New Zealand – team of four local journalists and overseas (Seattle) production partners

    • Work with Auckland Transport on Walking to Schools and Community Transport programs.

    • Staging manager: Cycle Style 2010 – small team and big event

    • Event coordinator: Cycle Style 2011 – creation of event sponsored by Cycle Action Auckland and Auckland Transport, 12 event partners (fashion labels, bicycle retailers, community groups etc), 30 volunteers, general event planning and management

      • Also created and presented a K Rd vintage show as part of this event which ran as part of First Thursdays and again at Shed 10 on the day.

  • 2002-2009: Affinity iD (formerly Proximity iD) – various technology, project management, production, planning positions adapting to company growth.

    • Growth of the Jimungo online community from 20,000 membership to more than 150,000

    • Production of mass emails including personalised dynamic content, various clients

    • Nexus Silver Award for Customer and Market Insight and Nexus Bronze Award for Strategic Vision in the tomorrowShopper research Project with Progressive Enterprises

    • Major project: designed, pitched, produced online game Pulse Of the Nation for NZ 2008 General Election

      • 10,000 person quantitative political data modeling, analysis, application

      • Simulation engine for virtual parliament

      • Simulator plugged in to predictive game engine & weekly play system

  • Early part-time work: paper run, gymnastics coach, work with children, direct sales (in person).

Independent event coordination (examples): major events under “Work experience”

  • Pangea Day film festival coordinator for New Zealand, facilitated with broadcast partner TVNZ, organised central Auckland event

  • Co-founded Auckland Hackerspace events to support young innovators, now existing as Tangleball  (organisation)

  • Nanowrimo Auckland event partner 2010 & 2011, organising writing workshop events and supporting young authors in a major creative project

  • Extensive organising for Auckland vegan community - potlucks and special events

  • Part of the organising crew for regular and popular ‘No Lights No Lycra’ events, 100+ participants weekly.


  • 2015: Nine-month solo travel through UK, Europe, and Asia. Focus on “progressive cities”.

  • Solo cycling tours through North Island and South Island of New Zealand. Extensive outdoor experience in NZ.

  • 2011 research project through Thailand and Cambodia

  • 2010 sponsored travel through Japan – chaperone to group of six students as a “peace ambassador” leader for international convention

  • 2007 & 2009 travel through USA (In 2007 as part of a student delegation to a convention)

  • Visits to Pacific Islands in 1990’s and early 2000’s.


Other experience and skills

  • Technical knowledge: Excel whiz, sound, lighting, photography, videography. Large, complex art-projects including a spaceship simulator, bicycle-chariot and popular kinetic sculptures

  • Writing credits: completed novel Rice Fire and Silence and graphic novel Kelp, columns for Worldchanging (Seattle) and Good Magazine, portfolio of short stories and works in progress

  • Vipassana 10-day silent meditation course, Landmark Forum Advanced graduate

  • Art Director for short films Gun Man, Deep Heat, the Green Menace, Choir In the Blood, Love [sic], Chums, writer/director of Tiberius

  • Local and international personal network of creative and skilled contacts

  • Full NZ drivers’ license, own van and current First Aid certificate



I am freelancing independently at present with my recent focus on walking tours and launching a new project. These are flexible and can be adjusted to fit around a full-time or part-time work schedule.

I am looking for my next major project or employer. Please contact me on 021-136-8000 or